Prevention. Computers are the number one method of communication today. Consequently, we may be spending up to eight hours or more a day in front of a computer either at work, or as a home-based business. In addition, we strive to strengthen the security of our data through newly acquired software. Conversely, what steps do we take to secure and strengthen our eyes? After all, the strain imposed upon them subtly creeps up and we find it more and more difficult to read the small print. Thus, the importance of eye exams cannot be overstated. Yearly check-ups should be a part of our overall desire to keep our eyes in focus.
* UV Ray Protection. Summer is the time when most folks visit the beach regularly. In addition, outdoor activities during hot summer days is something everyone looks forward to, right? The problem is we do not always consider the damage the sun’s UV rays have on our eyes. The use of proper sunglasses can prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Purchase appropriate sunglasses that have 100% ultra-violet ray protection.
* Vitamin A. Include vitamin A supplements or foods in your diet regimen. Whether you choose fruits or vegetables or both, this can help enormously in the prevention of eye disease. If you didn’t like carrots as a kid, you can blend them with a favorite fruit and make a delicious drink out of it.
* Smoking. Now is the time to quit. Smoking is directly related to loss of vision. Cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are two diseases caused by smoking.
* Exercise and good nutrition. Eating vegetables and fruits, as well as fish and other healthy foods, can decrease your risk of developing eye disease. Exercise not only helps the circulation, but increases your overall health. Blood tests to determine if you have the onset of diabetes is also important since diabetes can cause eye problems later on.
As most of us engage in finding new ways to improve our overall health, eye health is just as important and should not be overlooked. If you have a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer all day, take time out away from the monitor. The first time you find yourself squinting or experience blurry vision or night blindness, make an appointment with your ophthalmologist. Proper diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions is the first line of defense.
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Tips For Healthy Eyes
  1. Get your eyes checked regularly
  2. Do not read in moving vehicles
  3. Hold your reading material at least 40 cms away from your eyes
  4. Always read in Good light
  5. Sit with your back straight
  6. Sleep early
  8. Wash your eyes frequently with cold water. 

Eyecare For Computer Freaks
  1. Use your glasses as prescribed
  2. Use antiglare coated lens
  3. Keep the monitor at your arm's length
  4. The monitor should be 15 -20* below your eye level
  5. Avoid glare
  6. Take frequent breaks
  7. Blink several times 

Food For Healthy Eyes
  1. Berries, Pomegranates, Cherries
  2. Cod liver oil
  3. Greens ( Spinach, Broccoli, Avocado, Olives , Cabbage, Lettuce, Coriander Leaves)
  4. Carrots, Sprouts, Corn, Raw Nuts, Beans
  5. Oils - Coconut Oil, Olive Oil
  6. Organic Eggs, Organic Butter 
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Eyes are one of the most important organ in the human body and vision is one of the most wonderful gift. But often many people neglect the importance of eye care and do not pay proper attention towards eye care.

Tips for Eye Beauty, Vision Care and Eye Health Care

Given below are some eye care tips for beautiful and attractive eyes.
  • Dip a cotton pad in a cup of water overnight. Strain this in the morning and add 1 cup of plain water to this. Splash the eyes with this water or wash them with the help of an eyecup.
  • Dip a pad of cotton wool in rose water to which 2-3 drops of Castor oil is mixed. Place these soaked pads on the eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Eye burns and other problems will be reduced.
  • Splash the eyes with a weak n very liter tea solution, thoroughly strained and cooled for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Place Cotton pads dipped in a cold tea solution for an hour on the eyelids for 10 to 15 minutes and relax.

Dark Circles - Natural eye care, removing dark circles

  • Grate 3 pieces of cucumber and squeeze them through a muslin cloth and extract the juice. Dip cotton pads in this juice for 2 minutes and place on eyelids and darkened areas. Relax for 15 minutes for best results continue for 2 to3 days.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of Tomato pulp,1 pinch of Turmeric powder, half teaspoon of lime juice and 1 teaspoon of gram flour. Make a paste of the above ingredients and apply gently on the eye lids and the darkened areas and let it remain for half an hour. Remove gently with moist cotton pads after half an hour. Repeat this for a week

Deep Sunken Eyes - Herbal treatment

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon of almond oil. Apply the above mixture gently on the eyes at bedtime. Repeat this for a week.
  • Soak 5 Almonds overnight. Peel them and mix it with a glass of milk eat the almonds by chewing well. Repeat this in the morning for 21 days should definitely help.

Puffy Eyes

  • Slice a raw Potato and circle the closed eyes with these halves. Or else grate a raw Potato and place on Muslin cloth and squeeze. Place these on the eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes.
  • Place cotton pads dipped in chilled milk before boiling on the eye lids while relaxing for 10-15 minutes.
  • In a small bowl of chilled water add few drops of Vitamin E oil. Dip cotton pads for 5 minutes in this and place on the eyes while relaxing for 20 minutes everyday.

Eyecare Instructions for people using computers and computer professionals

Spending long hours in front of television or computers is part of peoples life today. Especially if you are a computer professional, there is usually no escape from it. This causes many eyes and vision related problems in future. Here are some useful eye care tips for computer users.
  • After every 20 to 30 minutes of work, look at a distant away object and blink several times. This will help in better focusing
  • Blink frequently. People tend to reduce blink rate while working on computer. This can lead to dry eyes. Try to blink 12 to 15 times every minute.
  • Exercise you eyes at frequent intervals. Eye exercise is simple. All you need to do is just blink several times, then close your eyes and role them in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. While doing this, inhale and exhale slowly and open your eyes slowly after doing this.
  • Rub your palms against each other till them become warm. Cover your eyes with your warm palms for about a minute. Palming is another great way to relax and soothe your eyes.
  • Splashing water on you face during breaks can keep you refreshed. This also helps in cooling your eyes.
  • A few minutes of walk during breaks will refresh your body and mind. It is also good for your eyes as walking increases blood supply to your eyes.
  • Fix an anti glare screen on to your monitor or use anti glare glass while working on computers. Also position the monitor and lights in such a manner that glare from the screen is minimum.